Wildlife Study Guide

Envirothon Wildlife DDN with Chad Tussing of SD GF & P’s Outdoor Campus West

Suggestions for preparing for the Wildlife portion of the Envirothon competition

  1. Make contact with your local Game, Fish and Park office and local birding club.
  2. Arrange to borrow a critter crate.
  3. Encourage all  students to go outside and take pictures of signs with a camera or phone.  Use the Outdoor Action Guide to Animal Tracking:  pages 1 – 6 to find and understand signs.
  4. Use the items in the critter crate to become familiar with field guides such  Petersen’s Field Guide to Mammals and Scat and Tracks of the Great Plains.
  5. Use the All About Birds website to learn the shape, habitat, feeding habits, conservation status, and songs of these common birds:
    • American Robin
    • Canada Goose
    • Bald Eagle
    • Black-capped Chickadee
    • White-breasted Nuthatch
    • Pheasant
    • Western Meadowlark
    • Great Horned Owl
    • Magpie
    • Mallard Duck
  6. Use the resources from the South Dakota Game, Fish and Park pages to identify native, non-native, extinct, extirpated and huntable species.
  7. Understand:
    1. Carrying Capacity
    2. Biotic and Abiotic
    3. Biome and Ecoregion
    4. Predator and Prey relationships
    5. Population Dynamics
    6. Genetic and Species Biodiversity
    7. Migration of South Dakota species
    8. Camouflage
    9. South Dakota fish
    10. Aquatic food webs

Wildlife Key Points

The Envirothon has put together an online study guide for Wildlife. Assign 2 students to become the Subject Matter Experts for Wildlife.

The Subject Matter Experts know and understand the Key Points. They also do the suggested activities and present information to their teammates. They are familiar with the suggested resources.

Links to More:


Wildlife Resources Across the State:

US Fish and Wildlife

420 S. Garfield Avenue,
Suite 400
Pierre, SD 57501-5408

Phone (605) 224-8693

FAX 605-224-9974

email southdakotafieldoffice@fws.gov

Michael Bryant:  Refuge Manager—Lake Andes National Wildlife Refuge


(605) 487-7603

38672 291st St

Lake Andes, SD 57356

Laura Hubers:  Wildlife Biologist—Waubay National Wildlife Refuge


(605) 947-4521

44401 134 A Street

Waubay, SD  57273

Jennifer Briggs:  Partners for Fish and Wildlife Biologist—Madison Wetland Mgmt District


(605) 256-2974

23520 SD Hwy 19/48

Madison, SD  57042

Charlene Bessken:  Fish and Wildlife Biologist—Pierre—Ecological Services Office


(605) 224-8639 x 231

420 South Garfield Ave

Suite 400

Pierre, SD  57501