Forestry Study Guide

SD Envirothon Forestry

Forestry DDN Presented by Project Learning Tree’s, Tracy Sigdestad, and Department of Agriculture’s, Joshua Larson…click the link below to check out the Forestry DDN from March 21, 2017!

SD Envirothon Forestry DDN

Envirothon Forestry Study Tips!

Suggestions for preparing for the Forestry portion of the Envirothon Competition

  1. Make contact with your local conservation district, extension agency and Natural Resource Conservation Service.
  2. Read the Physiology of Trees (pdf)
  3. Read FACELook! Exploring the Relationship Between Carbon, Photosynthesis, and the Roots of Trees
  4. Practice using a tangent height guide and diameter tape. Use these field guides for different topgography scenarios.
  5. Review the skills presented in these videos:
  6. Review this video. Pick a known species of tree.  Learn its shape, twig and bark. Use the Winter Tree Finder dichotomous key to practice identifying it. Start at the beginning and work your way through the key.

Forestry Key Points

The Envirothon has put together an online study guide for Forestry Study Guide. Assign 2 students to become the Subject Matter Experts for Forestry.

The Subject Matter Experts know and understand the Key Points. They also do the suggested activities and present information to their teammates. They are familiar with the suggested resources.

Additional Resources