Current Issue Scenario

2017 Agricultural Soil and Water Conservation Stewardship

“Situation” will be delivered to the group of SD Envirothon Presenters at the State Competition on Sunday.  The team will then be secluded to work on their presentation, to be delivered to the Judging Panel on Monday.  No prep work prior to the competition will be allowed to be used.


  1. Researching the poster and presentation. Your poster and presentation should reflect, as much as possible within the scenario setting, your actual community.
  2. Creating the poster and presentation. A subject matter expert will give a presentation after the skills review on the first day of the SD Envirothon.  You will be given a notebook in which you may take notes. After the presentation, you will be issued your “Mystery Challenge” to include in your presentation.Your team will be given several opportunities to develop the poster and presentation at the SD Envirothon.  Each team will be given the same set of supplies. Teams may use only the one sheet of notes and the notes they took during current issue presentation to develop their presentations.  Teachers and chaperones will not be allowed to assist or coach teams at the SD Envirothon. Teams must surrender their phones when going into planning time and turn in all presentation materials when leaving planning time.
  3. Presenting the scenario. After lunch on the day of the competition, all teams will assemble and give their presentations. After all the presentations have been given, judges will circulate around and ask teams follow up questions. All team members should be prepared to answer questions as judges may address the question to any team member they desire.
  4. Judging the scenario. Students will receive the specific judging rubric at the SD Envirothon to help them prepare their presentations. Judges will look at team members’ knowledge and understanding of issue, quality of visual aid to explain ideas, and presentation skills.