Preparing for Envirothon

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What to Expect at the Competition

State Competition

The State Competition is an annual event based on the scholastic year where all 5 member teams from across the state gather to compete in the knowledge and skills area.

The 2016-17 Competition will be held April 2nd and  3rd, at a currently undisclosed location!

North American Competition

The National Competition is a 5 day event in late July or early August where teams from across North American gather and compete in a knowledge and skills test on soil, water, forestry, wildlife, and the current topic.  There is also an oral presentation that is prepared on site using only the materials supplied by the Envirothon.  Read more.

Study Guides and Resources

Curriculum Guidelines

The North American Envirothon has developed learning guidelines to help teachers prepare their students.  The Learning Guidelines offer Key Points, learning objectives, and activities that provide hands-on interactive learning. Suggested resources are also provided.

Updated study guides, resource links, and so much more…coming soon!