Partnering with Environthon


Sponsors provide financial or significant in-kind support. Without their generous support, Envirothon would not be possible. Whether you can donate $50 or $5,000 your gift matters!  Email Kim Smeenk at, to find out how you can help support Envirothon through volunteering in some capacity, or by the gift of a monetary donation!

Current Fiscal Sponsors:

  • South Dakota Conservation Commission
  • Belle Fourche River Watershed Partnership
  • SDACD Auxiliary
  • Smithfield Foods
  • NRCS
  • Department of Environment and Natural Resources
  • Private Donors
  • First Interstate Bank
  • South Dakota Community Foundation

Additional Sponsors:

  • SD Department of Education
  • SDSU Extension
  • US Fish and Wildlife
  • Game, Fish & Parks
  • SD Conservation Districts
  • Day County Conservation District
  • Project Learning Tree
  • SD Discovery Center
  • SD Department of Agriculture
  • SD Soil Health Coalition

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council consists of natural resource professionals and other stakeholders who advise the South Dakota Envirothon coordinators and act as a liaison between their respective spheres and the SD Envirothon. If you would like to represent your group, agency or organization please contact Kim Smeenk at or by phone at (605) 892-5699.


Volunteers are essential for making Envirothon happen. Writing the competition, judges, station presenters, site coordinators, public relations, and more will be required to make the Envirothon a success.

Job Descriptions

Test writers: Test writers are subject matter experts and high school teachers. You help develop the written and skills test.

Station presenters: Station presenters can either participate during the skills review or as part of the competition itself. Station presenters staff the station. During the skills review, they allow the students to practice with the materials, review important key concepts and answer questions. During the competition, presenters oversee the test. Students are allowed to work in teams and collaborate. Presenters may not explain, define or suggest answers.

Site coordinators: Site coordinators help with logistics of lodging, food, recreation activities.

Team buddies: Team buddies serve as proctors. They are with the students during the test and during their Friday afternoon planning time. They may work with the students on the timing of the students’ presentations but may not offer content or presentation advice.

Judges: Judges evaluate the student presentations according to a scoring rubric. We ask that they would join us on Sunday evening, or at the latest, Monday morning for a Judge’s Review prior to presentations. The presentations last fifteen minutes and judges are allowed five minutes for conversation.