Announcing the Current Issue Challenge!

Teams! This is your challenge. Prepare the following to bring to the SD Envirothon. Your poster will be displayed and you will have to meet “the public” (aka judges).


The South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Park is seeking to increase compliance with a law to slow the spread of aquatic nuisance species (ANS). Your team is responsible for developing an outreach effort that will be used at a booth at an outdoor recreation show.


  1. Develop a poster. The poster should describe ANS and explain why it is a nuisance. The poster should also explain the laws.
  2. Develop an “elevator speech” that can be given by any team member that explains the poster to the recreation public.
  3. Develop “take home swag” with messaging to hand out. Note: you do not have to actually buy your give aways. A representation is adequate.
  4. Be prepared to answer questions from people who are resistant to the idea or don’t understand.