GLOBE Training for Envirothon Leaders

Envirothon participants in South Dakota will have new opportunities to prepare for Envirothon, thanks to GLOBE an international science education program sponsored by NASA and the National Science Foundation. The South Dakota Discovery Center and Outdoor Campus West in Rapid City are partnering to bring  GLOBE to South Dakota.

Anne Lewis, South Dakota Envirothon coordinator, says groups that use GLOBE collect data, participate in field campaigns, and can do research.

“GLOBE is a huge international project that has students doing real science”, says Lewis. “And one of the strengths of Envirothon is solving real world problems. This is an excellent opportunity for sponsors to help prepare their teams to participate in Envirothon while strengthening their science literacy.”

GLOBE participants set up a study site where they monitor soils, water, atmosphere, land cover and seasons. Lewis stresses that sponsor do not have to do all the protocols. “However, it is no secret that many of the hydrology, soils and forestry protocols used in the South Dakota Envirothon are straight from GLOBE.”

Lewis says that a workshop for teachers and Envirothon sponsors will be held in June. Registration information will be posted to the South Dakota Discovery Center’s website in early January 2015.

“GLOBE will add a lot to South Dakota Envirothon,” Lewis says. “It’s an exciting project.”


Teachers analyze a soil sample using GLOBE protocols.