2014-2015 South Dakota Envirothon Winners

The FFA team from Lennox won the 2014-2015 South Dakota Envirothon. The five students competed at NeSoDak near Waubay Oct 2, 2014. photo

The students are (left to right) Molly Kroeger (Junior), Alyssa Becker (Senior), Brady Jandl (Junior), Brady Klock (Junior), Levi Buckneberg (Senior). Alternates Matthew Bruns (Senior) and Isaac Burma (Senior) also participated. Team adviser is Jim Wilson.

The team competed in knowledge and skills pertaining to aquatic ecology, soils, forestry, wildlife and forestry. They also competed in this year’s current issue Community Forestry by taking a test and giving a short presentation.

The presentation addressed the hypothetical restoration of their community forest after an ice storm damaged 30%-40% of their community forest. The teams were given the full scenario about 10 days before the presentation so they could do background research.

The teams were also presented with a “mystery challenge” at the Envirothon, a last minute topic that had to be included in the presentation. The teams were told they had to address the looming threat of the Emerald Ash Borer in their restoration plan.

Winning the South Dakota Envirothon qualifies Lennox to go to the North American Envirothon July 27-August 2 in Springfield, Missouri.

The South Dakota Envirothon is sponsored by the 319 Information and Education Project via the South Dakota Discovery Center and the Conservation Commission.

Additional support was provided by

  • The South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources
  • South Dakota Department of Agriculture
  • South Dakota Department of Game Fish and Park
  • East Dakota Water Development District
  • South Dakota office of the Natural Resource Conservation Service
  • Day County Conservation Service
  • South Dakota Geographic Alliance
  • Spearfish Forest Products