SD Envirothon 2013 Details

Hello All,

This is an overview of the SD Envirothon events and expectations.  There is a lot of information here.  I will put in a PDF format so you can print out.  In general, plan to arrive at least an hour before your first assignment unless you think you need more time.  We will have coffee and cookies if you get there too early. 🙂

Please report to the Oahe Downstream Lodge for all events.  We will direct you from there.



We can have access to the Oahe Downstream Lodge on Thursday morning.  I expect one of the coordinators (Deb Springman, Bobby Jo Jamison or me, Anne Lewis) will be there by 9AM.

Skills review presenters – you may set up at any time. We will be at the Oahe Downstream Lodge for the skills review.  One of your assignments by Thursday afternoon is to finalize your testing site which will be within the campground but not necessarily at the Oahe Downstream Lodge. Lunch is on your own.

Participants – travel time. Lunch is on your own.

Advisors – travel with participants.  Lunch is on your own.

Team Buddies – off duty

Judges – off duty all day


Participants start arriving in order to start the skills review at 1PM.  Each participants should choose TWO skill review sessions from forestry, wildlife, aquatic ecology, and soils. The skills review session repeats twice. Advisors may attend skills review session.

12:45PM Orientation at Oahe Downstream Lodge for presenters, participants and advisors.

1:00PM – 2:15PM – 1st skills review session

2:15PM – 3:30PM – 2nd skills review session.

3:45 – 5:15PM – Presentation on current issue. Participants will be allowed to take notes that they can bring into planning. Advisors may attend presentation.  Team buddies, please report by 5PM.

Presenters, finalize your testing sites and make any last minute plans with coordinators about Friday’s testing.

5:15PM – 5:30PM – Orientation for Planning Time for participants, team buddies, advisors. 

5:30PM- 6:30PM – Planning for the oral presentation.  Participants and team buddies find a work space and start developing their planning presentation. Advisors have free as they are not allowed to participate.

6:30PM – ? Dinner and cruise on the Capitol City Queen for participants, advisors and out of town volunteers.



7:00 – 7:45 Breakfast at the Oahe Downstream Marina for participants, advisors and out of town presenters/team buddies.

8:00AM – Short meeting for presenters.  Test station set up.

8:15AM – Meeting for participants, team buddies, advisors.

8:45AM – Participants and team buddies go to first test station.

Testing Schedule. Presenters Please start and stop exactly on time.

  • 9:00-9:45 Station 1
  • 9:55 – 10:40 Station 2
  • 10:50 – 11:35 Station 3
  • 11:45 – 12:30 Station 4

12:30PM – 2:45PM Participants and team buddies start planning.  Presenters  correct tests.  Sack lunch provided.

2:00PM – Judges, please report to Oahe Downstream Lodge

3:00PM – Current issue presentation for Judges, participants and team buddies. 

  • 3:00PM – 3:15PM – Two teams present simultaneously a 10 minute presentation. Five minutes are left for questioning.
  • 3:15PM – 3:20PM – Judges score presentation.
  • 3:25 – 3:40PM Third team presents a 10 minute presentation. Five minutes are left for questioning.

4:00PM Winning team announced.  Everyone feels relieved.  Safe travels and we will see you next year at SD Envirothon 2014.