Current Issue Challenge

Teams will develop an oral presentation on the issue of sustainable range management for the 2013 SD Envirothon.

The presentation challenge is here in PDF format : 2013 SD State Envirothon Oral Presentation Scenario

Background reading on sustainable range management can be found here:

Part of the skills review on Thursday will include a presentation from range management specialists.  Students will be allowed to take notes on provided paper and bring these notes with them when they plan their presentation at the Envirothon. Students will not be allowed to bring any other items including their phones into planning time. Everyone surrenders their phones and any other resource material except for their notes from the presentation  to their team buddy.  Please consult the schedule for scheduled planning times.

When students leave planning time, they surrender their planning materials including their notes.  They are allowed to discuss their presentation with their advisor or other person outside of planning time but they may not bring anything to planning other than what they can carry in their brains. 

Things to Know About the Oral Presentation

  1. Teams will be required to develop a 10 minute presentation using presentation materials given to them: poster paper (like poster sized sticky notes), markers, pencils, rulers, tape.
  2. Every team will receive a set of mystery objects that pertain to the topic .  Teams are required to use the mystery object in their presentation.
  3. Presentations allow 5 minutes for questioning at the end.
  4. A team buddy will act as a proctor and time keeper during planning time.  Team buddies can time presentations but may not offer advice or coaching on how to improve the presentation; not even suggesting which parts of the presentation to lengthen or shorten for  timing purposes.
  5. Advisors are not allowed to communicate with students during the planning time.

A judging rubric will be furnished to team members before the Envirothon.